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About Annex Technologies

In reading our history, you'll glean that we really have been in this industry for far longer than most Internet companies.

Our Mission

To utilize our historical experience in this industry, add in an unending passion for evaluating new technologies as they come out, spice it with our extreme desire to be our clients' heros; in order to implement elegant & cost effective solutions for our clients and make a little bit 'o money in the process.

Our Origin...

Annex Telecommunications opened its doors in January of 1992 as a Bulletin Board System (BBS). There was no public internet then, but people still communicated online through systems such as ours.

In '93 we started offering internet email services and in late '94 we offered internet access services. Also in '94, we began developing software for the Majorbbs and became a Third Party Developer for Galacticomm.

As the BBS world started to dwindle due to the emergence of the Internet as a public entity, the next logical step was to develop for NT and IIS, and that's precisely what we did. One of our products, 404bGone, had been well received by hostmasters around the globe.

At the same time, we started digging heavily into website development, favoring a programming language called ColdFusion, by Adobe (originally by Allaire and then Macromedia). We quickly fell in love with that type of development (and we got good at it!).

Our Present...

Today, things are more exciting than ever. Our servers are purring in an Enterprise level facility and we're still having fun.

Life is good. Our entire business operates on one set of principles; Do good work, find solutions for our partners (clients), have fun doing it, and make a living in the process.

Our Future...

Having been in this industry for over 22 years, we've learned a great deal about the art of adaptation. As the Internet continues to evolve (and it will), we'll continue to pursue the latest technologies and opportunities for you.

It's a wild wild Internet out there, and we're in it for the long run.


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