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Hosting Plans Overview

Whether you have a website already but want to move it to a quality enterprise level location, start a new website, or host an application that we've developed for you, we are an excellent choice in web hosting. We can even help those who have had their ISP go "belly-up" on them. We can get your site back on the net in record time and we'll hold your hand the entire way if needed.


Windows Web Hosting HELM for Resellers ColdFusion Web Hosting Spam Free email by Modus Redhat Linux CPANEL Hosting MySQL Support! CPANEL Control Panel

If you find you have a more "custom need" than you see here, or need assistance in choosing a hosting plan, please be sure to ask us and we will custom-tailor a plan/quote for you that meets your budget!

Powerful Dual-Xeon, Dual CPU, Dual Power Supply Dell Servers with RAID-5 disk arrays for complete fault tolerance.  
Secure data center with Fire Detection systems and UPS/Generator power backup.  
Fast and Personal Technical support by phone and email. You're not just another name in the queue.  
Firewalled for rock solid security.  
30-day money back guarantee!  



Shared web hosting is the most common form of hosting out there. We host your website on one of our beefy Dell servers along with other clients' websites as well. Compared to someother webhosts out there who stack hundreds of sites on one server, we keep our client to server ratio rather low. This is because we've got plenty of servers and we're very keen about having FAST running sites with a server CPU average running below 15%. This ensures that you always have the highest quality of service from us.

Here are the options in Shared Hosting that you might be interested in.

Personal Web Hosting Plans Personal Web Hosting Plans
Geared toward those with smaller sites, these hosting plans are for those on a budget!
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Web Hosting Plans for Business Business / Enterprise Class Hosting Plans
It is important for your business to be online 24/7. It is also important for your business to get the support you need without waiting. We provide the best in service and support and since we're also developers, our expertise goes a lot farther than wholesale hosting services with strangers answering the phone (if they answer).
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ColdFusion Web Hosting Plans ColdFusion Web Hosting Plans
ColdFusion is a great alternative to ASP development. It is the language we develop in. If you have ColdFusion apps to host, we can offer you ColdFusion 5 AND ColdFusion MX Hosting.
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Linux / Control Panel Web Hosting Plans Linux / Control Panel Web Hosting Plans
This hosting is a self-service hosting on LINUX where you set up your mailboxes, cgi scripts, create & manage your own MySQL databases, etc. The Control Panel backend is very easy to use and understand and even includes backend statistics, pre-installed message boards and lots of other scripts. Supports PHP, Perl, MySQL and other linux style softwares.
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Reseller Web Hosting Plans Reseller Web Hosting Plans
We offer reseller hosting plans on both Windows and Linux. You can set up your own web hosting company without having to buy all the boxes and negotiate all the bandwidth. Our windows reseller hosting uses the HELM control panel and our Linux reseller hosting uses the CPANEL industry standard control panel.
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Ecobuilder Hosting Plans Ecobuilder Hosting Plans
Ecobuilder hosting is a special kind of hosting associated with our Online Community / Portal software called Ecobuilder.
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Ecobuilder Hosting Plans Fully Managed Servers
If you require a more robust solution such as placing your server in our data center or renting one FROM us and having us fully manage it for you, then this option is for you..
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If it has anything to do with the Internet, chances are we provide the service. Among other services we have and do provide:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Services
  • Chat Server / Chat Client Services
  • NNTP Newsgroups
  • XML/RSS Syndication APIs
  • UPS/Fedex Shipping APIs
  • SSL Certs for Secure Server Ecommerce
  • Custom Payment Gateways for Ecommerce Apps
  • Site provisioning of software like Blogs, Shopping Carts, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization & Submissions
  • Domain Name Registration
  • IT & Networking Consults
  • Streaming Media Hosting and Consulting
  • WAP/WML and Mobile Device Solutions

So if you are in search of a specific service, don't be shy. CALL US!



Regardless of the level of service you engage with us, all accounts are subject to our Terms of Service / Acceptable Use Policy .


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