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Organizing The World’s Most Valuable Information

Securely store, service and manage your offsite documents and data in one place from anywhere. 

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Manage Your Records Data All in One Place

Access a real-time unified view of your off-site records data regardless of where it is physically stored, 24/7 from any device.

Boost your Business Efficiency 

Gain more control with a simpler and more predictable procurement cycle that includes full pricing transparency, no order minimums, and a single invoice across providers.

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What Sets Annex Apart?

Actionable, Data-Driven Insights 

Manage data more precisely and systematically, unlocking the power of your records data to make more informed business decisions.

Local Service, Global Expertise 

Choose from and expanding selection of strategic records center providers that are operating on the O'Neil Software platform in more than 88 countries.

An O’Neil Software Innovation 

Annex is an O'Neil Software innovation, a leader for more than 40 years in physical records center data management solutions. 

Annex is a Partner in Your Corner

Whether you are on the path to paper-less or paper-lite, Annex makes the process of storing and managing physical documents as easy as managing digital.


We have you covered wherever you are, adapting with your business as your needs change.

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We Deliver Solutions Tailored for Your Business 

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We facilitate secure storage and easy retrieval of sensitive legal documents, ensure compliance with legal standards. offers secure document destruction, and digital transformation services for efficient handling and accessing of case files and legal documentation. 

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Order and manage additional services including retrievals, imaging and secure destruction.


Power-Up with Integrations 

We’re building a connected digital ecosystem across a range of applications and platforms to enhance productivity and streamline your business workflows.   

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