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Welcome to Annex.com

Together we're transforming how the world manages its most valuable information.

+ Experience a single place to manage all physical records stored within partnering Record Centers.

+ Purchase document storage and management with the ease of e-commerce.

+ Learn why we’ve been the industry standard since 1981. 


What Sets Annex Apart?

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We Connect Record Centers

Annex is a cloud platform that creates a unified records management system across independently owned record centers.

With Annex you get the best of both worlds – local service and the global experience and technology leadership of O’Neil Software.

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Your Information - One Location

Annex gives you the visibility and control to manage all your off-site document information regardless of where it is physically stored at any of our strategic partner locations.  


Annex is open 24/7, no matter where you are or the device you are using.  

Transparent Pricing - No Minimums

Annex is designed to be fair and reliable with clear and upfront pricing information across our record center network providers so you can make more informed purchasing decisions.  

And with Annex, order size minimums are eliminated. It’s your choice to purchase exactly what you need, when you need it, regardless of the order size.


As the leader in best-of-breed records and information management solutions for physical records centers worldwide, O’Neil Software delivers trusted solutions to more than 1,000 records center locations across 88 countries. 

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Annex opens the door to the world's leading records centers for businesses of all sizes, from multi-national to local small business. Whether you are on the path to paperless or paper-lite, Annex gives you the power to manage physical documents with digital efficiency throughout the information lifecycle. 


We understand the importance of a connected digital ecosystem. That's why we are building API integrations, ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of applications and platforms to enable effortless synchronization with your favorite tools, enhancing productivity and streamlining your workflows.  

How To Use Your Annex

Find Your Storage

Enter an address to shop across records centers near you.


Sign-up and Order

Join by signing up. Then place your order and pay. It’s that easy.  


Search and Edit Records

Manage data on the Annex platform across records center locations.


Utilize Services

Order services on the Annex platform including retrievals, imaging and destruction.


The Right Fit For Your Business 

A healthcare worker reviewing medical records with an elderly woman.


Annex is your place to manage and organize your important medical documents.

       + Patient information
       + Internal staff credentials
       + Compliance documents
       + Billing records

Safeguard data integrity, privacy, and accessibility while maximizing on-premises storage efficiency.

A Partner in Your Corner 

Annex has you covered globally, adapting with your business as your needs change. We’re backed by the expertise of O’Neil Software, the leader for more than 40 years in records center technology solutions serving locations in 85+ countries.

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