Rows of shelves in a record center stacked with archive boxes.

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Annex is designed to work alongside your traditional business to deliver new opportunities to expand and grow. By joining the only global cloud platform for off-site document management, your company is poised to win business from the world’s leading companies.  
With Annex, the O’Neil standard of quality and best-of-breed technology are built-in to create solutions that meet the demands of today’s customers.

     + Cloud reliability and security.
     + Shop and purchase anywhere, anytime.
     + On-demand information to make the best decisions.

A man in a warehouse using a tablet to check the order status of physical records on Annex.
Small cardboard boxes with shopping cart icons on them, on top of a laptop keyboard, symbolizing eCommerce.


E-commerce is about more than listing your price. Annex is designed to remove the barriers customers face when deciding to store with a record center and give them the information they need to feel more confident storing with your business.  
And once their choice is made, Annex is designed to keep your customers engaged with your business. We believe that together we can create a customer experience that keeps your customers coming back for more and strengthens your brand.  


Annex is a marketplace for hosted O'Neil Stratus customers. Qualified record centers pay nothing for access to The only fees record centers pay are as a percentage of storage and services Annex customers purchase.   
By joining Annex, record centers can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive and unreliable third-party marketing leads, which can save thousands of dollars annually.

A record center employee receives order details for record storage on the phone.
An old computer screen displaying RS-SQL software, a modern laptop displaying the O'Neil Stratus dashboard, a smart phone displaying the Annex website.


For more than 4 decades O'Neil Software has been delivering innovation to the records management industry. We’re committed to empowering you with cost-saving solutions and market-leading tools to grow your business and market. 

Icon logo for the Annex website.

Benefits of Annex

+ Local and national conference presence.

+ Assigned account manager.

+ Page 1 digital search promotion.

+ The expertise and experience of O’Neil staff.

Value of O’Neil

+ Innovating on behalf of our customers for 40+ years.

+ The bellwether for best-of-breed RIM technology.

+ Relentless commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


+ Annex takes care of the entire invoicing process for you. From issuing invoices, tax and fee calculations, collections, and payments, we handle it all.

+ Annex enables you to review the draft billing, and make any corrections prior to final billing, putting you in the driver's seat.  

+ You will receive monthly payouts directly in your bank account with summaries showing the transactions that make up the payout amounts.

Become a Service Provider

Hosted O'Neil Stratus

Operate on hosted O’Neil Stratus.  Contact our Annex Strategic Provider Team who will answer your questions, receive your information, and keep you informed throughout the process.


Approve your service agreement

After carefully reviewing your information, our team will provide a three-party agreement for your review, signature, and return to Annex.


Add your services and pricing to Annex

Next, it's time to enter your services and prices in the Annex section of your Hosted O'Neil Stratus system.



CONGRATULATIONS! You've joined the world’s leading cloud platform for Record Centers! You're ready to receive customer orders and grow your business.